There  have been a few changes to the second half of the aviary, Its all been tiled and re fitted. 

You can see 2 brackets on the back wall.

They are to hold the different size ledges - either for breeding cages or exhibition cage.

 Breeding cages in place

Purpose built Exhibition cages 

(courtesy of Mr Basil Thomas)

 Stage 2 flight for young birds.

Giving them more room to move than the stage 1 box but still restricting them from over flying.

It will also be used for preparing show birds before showing.

We now have 1 large flight replacing 2 smaller ones.

It's very likely this flight will be split into 2 but is undecided at the moment.

We will wait and see how the birds progress in a larger flight. 

You can also see here that we have increased the size of the central heating pipes around the room to allow more heat

The first young birds settling in to the stage 2 flight 

We have now removed two of the main flights and added another two Stage 2 flights. This gives more space for storage and allows the heating pipes to run underneath the stage 2 Flight. Providing more heat without increasing the Ambient temperature.

 The finishing touches. Ceramic floor tiles, which will keep the aviary cooler in Summer. And with the aid of the larger central heating pipes, warmer in Winter. Also makes it easier to wash down the whole Aviary

 A few more pics of the floor 

 You may notice the units under the flight have gone, replaced with removable storage units. all to help with the cleaning process, and removing breeding places for mite and disease.

There have been further changes since this was put up. 

I have re done the video to show how things are now.

And now even more Changes (probably the final changes)  

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