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The Aviary

The Aviary has evolved in three sections over the years from a small block building with an outside flight, to a longer aviary with no outdoor flight, to the large "L" shaped building it is today, incorporating the following:

+ Concrete floor

+ Covered walkways

+ Block & pebble dashed walls

+ Tiled indoor flights

+ Double glazed windows

+ Two dust extractor fans

+ Central Heating System

+ Mains water & electricity 

Main Flights

Of the 5 flights, These 3 form the main part of the building. Aluminium framework, with Zinc coated punch bars. The walls are tiled for easier cleaning. These are usually used to separate Cocks from Hens, adult birds from youngster and any surplus stock

 Young Bird Flights

These two flights are timber framed (UPVC Covered) with zinc coated punch bar panels and used mainly for holding young birds 

Breeding Cages

Here we have a view of the 48 breeding cages set out opposite the 3 main flights. You can see at this point there are no nest boxes fitted to the cages.

These cages are made from UPVC with wooden fronts and Nickel coated cage panels all numbered in order.

Here we see the nest boxes fitted.

For more about our nest boxes click the link at bottom of this page.

Updated Breeding Cages

These 9 cages are the start of our upgrading programme. The shell is made from UPVC and the fronts have been constructed out of aluminium box frame with Zinc coated cage fronts 


These are made of UPVC and are put into the breeding cages as soon as  a young bird either leaves or is thrown out of the nest box. we find holes work better than open front.

Training Boxes

Here we have a UPVC training box fastened to the window cage in one of the flights. It has been made to the same dimensions as two show cages. The idea being to get the birds used to being in a show cage while just playing in the flights.

Wine Racks

Wine racks make excellent training perches for young birds and are also used encourage all birds to sit up from the floor. 

Training Cages 

This cage was constructed by Basil Thomas of Wales. It is used to train birds to get used to the dimensions of a show cage. It is also a very effective way of showing off your birds in large numbers and in selected groups (with the slats removed) when you have visitors to your aviary. This cage is also portable so as not to take up too much room in the Aviary and can be stored away when not needed


A view of the lighting used throughout the aviary. Un-covered fluorescent  tubes, alongside the night lights (set on timers) with the emergency lighting and battery back up.

The idea behind uncovered tubes is that we can dust them off regularly. 

Pest control

The more observant of you may have noticed the little boxes on top of the cages. These are fly control vapour boxes. Dated - so easy to replace.


Another Vital piece of equipment. 

The Radio. As well as giving sound to the aviary, it gets the birds used to voices when in the showroom.

I have added this picture to show that sometimes you need to improvise, even when you think you have everything under control. 

Planning for the weather in Cumbria is not an exact science.