Lack of recent Pictures

August 15, 2015
Due to other commitments, we have had no time to take any pictures to post on this website.
And the way things are going its looking unlikely we will get any this year either.

Because of this I have taken a few pictures on my phone of some of the birds in the Aviary
these are just a few birds I like the look of. 
nothing specific and of different ages, just good looking birds
Because they are just taken on my phone and not prepped birds
(I have cropped the pictures, but not used any filters or Photoshop techniques)
I am just linking the page to this Blog post 

Page can be seen by clicking this linkBirds I like 2015


2014 BS world show result

November 18, 2014


Three Times ! 2006, 2013, 2014.

November 17, 2014
Congratulations To Richard and Michael on winning the B.S. World show for the Third time 
A remarkable achievement.
Even more remarkable when its the same bird winning  two consecutive years  


The use of Wheat in the birds diet

October 22, 2014
It has come to our attention that there is a rumour going around that we use wheat in the birds diet.
We would like to make it clear
We do not, and will not advocate the use of wheat in any birds diet.
Our reasoning being -
Today's modern farming techniques use far too many pesticides/insecticides and other chemicals to produce their crops.
There is no way to be 100% certain  that  THESE ARE NOT HARMFUL TO THE BIRDS
We acknowledge that there are many out there who do feed wheat to their birds and have no problems with it at all.
We just dont consider the possible risk to the birds worth enough to outweigh any benefits that MAY be gained from feeding wheat. 

I hope this makes our position on the subject clear.

More changes to the Aviary

October 9, 2014
We have now added another small flight specifically for preparing show birds 
with the world show approaching fast its going to be needed. 
Ive added a new video to the Aviary updates showing the Aviary as it looks now 
its the same video as the Aviary updates but a closer look inside the flights. 
Can be seen here  Bottom of the page . 

The Hard Way

March 18, 2014
I've posted a new page on the site called The hard way
Its a brief summary of what I've been upto this year.
its also the reason I've been quiet lately.

B.S. World Champion 2013

November 18, 2013
Have to say Congratulations to Richard & Michael on winning the B.S. World Show.
A Tremendous achievement considering the week before hand. 
And considering the bird that won was not looking its best on the Thursday.
Michael was convinced the Bird wouldnt make the show.
He worked on the bird right up until show time. 
Gave it a lot of TLC, extra warmth, and a lot of prayers I think.
Even Richard doubted it would make the show.
The Bird picked up on Friday Morning, was kept isolated and in a heated box all day.
Even Julie got in on the treatment chatting to the bird in her Kitchen, trying to perk the bird up.
and as the Bird picked up even more on the Saturday morning the decision was taken to take the bird and see what happens. 
Michael had to suffer a bit of extra heat while driving to Doncaster, just so the bird kept warm.
Then he set up a heat box in his Hotel room. doing everything he could think of to get this bird fit to show.

Turns out it was all worth while.

Richard and Michael now join the ranks of those fortunate enough to be called 2x World Champion.
They have both worked hard and long for this well deserved title.
I'm certain they will try for a 3rd.
Who knows, they may even achieve it !

Video loss & Update

September 23, 2013
A quick Apology for the loss of video on the site over the last couple of days.
A minor hiccup with my Google account. 
I think I have it sorted and the site seems to be running correctly now.

As an update 
We now have the Aviary fully operational again and have paired up the first round of birds yesterday (Sun 22/09/2013)
I should have posted after the full clean up we have recently done.
All the nest boxes have been dipped with an insecticide solution (something we always do as a precaution) 
then allowed to dry fully before adding the Red mite powder and sawdust.
We have also just done the routine dosing of Mega Bac - S for the full stock of birds ( A Ten day program)
as well as the spot on worming treatment. 

The birds are fully fit, well rested and ready for the breeding season.

So It Begins !


Final Aviary changes

August 26, 2013
I think we have finally got to the end of the Aviary changes.
We have now replaced all the old wooden fronted cages with new Aluminium fronted cages.
There was a lot more work to it than we first thought and its taken up quite a bit of time.
During which the breeding has been put on hold for a while.
Though we have bred quite a few birds already this year.
The new page can be found in the gallery at the end of the Aviary changes
or by clicking here



April 2, 2013
I have finally managed to update the Picture gallery. 
Its now up and running as it should be. 

I hope you all enjoy it.


The Beginning

Barry Proctor I'm the hidden face lurking behind R & M Miller's Budgerigar world. I am attempting to set up this website to bring you inside that world. I intend to give you an inside view as to what goes on in the aviary, as much as possible from selecting breeding pairs, feeding regimes, medication and cleaning routines. I intend to do this with the full support of Michael and Richard Miller. It may take a while to get this up and running properly. Hopefully the full web site should be in place in time for the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show 2011.