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The time it takes

Posted by Barry Proctor on Monday, August 22, 2011,
I suppose this could be classed as the start of the season. 
The Aviary has been given its usual priority cleaning (this happens twice a year on top of the usual daily and weekly routines). By priority cleaning I mean the flights have been emptied and pressure washed, Steam cleaned if you like. Then disinfected with Vircon S.  All the breeding cages get the same treatment. everything is stripped and cleaned (though we do use our own special mixture for these) the nestboxes were cleaned singul...

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Who is Barry Proctor?

Posted by Richard Miller on Thursday, August 18, 2011,
Hello everyone and welcome to our web site.

Whilst many of you will know my father and I, almost all of you will be wondering: who is Barry Proctor?

Barry has been working behind the scenes since we started in the hobby. His efforts have played a key part in the day to day running of our aviary of budgerigars, which has in turn brought about our success.

Barry knows all of our tricks of the trade and I wish to make it absolutely clear that he is not susceptible to bribes in return for disclosing...

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The Beginning

Barry Proctor I'm the hidden face lurking behind R & M Miller's Budgerigar world. I am attempting to set up this website to bring you inside that world. I intend to give you an inside view as to what goes on in the aviary, as much as possible from selecting breeding pairs, feeding regimes, medication and cleaning routines. I intend to do this with the full support of Michael and Richard Miller. It may take a while to get this up and running properly. Hopefully the full web site should be in place in time for the Budgerigar Society World Championship Show 2011.