Have to say Congratulations to Richard & Michael on winning the B.S. World Show.
A Tremendous achievement considering the week before hand. 
And considering the bird that won was not looking its best on the Thursday.
Michael was convinced the Bird wouldnt make the show.
He worked on the bird right up until show time. 
Gave it a lot of TLC, extra warmth, and a lot of prayers I think.
Even Richard doubted it would make the show.
The Bird picked up on Friday Morning, was kept isolated and in a heated box all day.
Even Julie got in on the treatment chatting to the bird in her Kitchen, trying to perk the bird up.
and as the Bird picked up even more on the Saturday morning the decision was taken to take the bird and see what happens. 
Michael had to suffer a bit of extra heat while driving to Doncaster, just so the bird kept warm.
Then he set up a heat box in his Hotel room. doing everything he could think of to get this bird fit to show.

Turns out it was all worth while.

Richard and Michael now join the ranks of those fortunate enough to be called 2x World Champion.
They have both worked hard and long for this well deserved title.
I'm certain they will try for a 3rd.
Who knows, they may even achieve it !