First post of 2012 and Im apologising already. Its been a busy start to the year. More alterations to the Aviary. over 100 birds rung already. (which brings me to the new section I have added called "How To") 
I have tried various forms of adding Video to this site. and have now admitted defeat. 
I have tried html code. flash conversion even considered changing the programme code to allow it. I have now gone with You tube links. which will have to do for now. Maybe the host site will upgrade their software sometime in the future. 
I hope the section will get added to as and when I remember to film either Richard or Michael doing something I think will be either helpful or of interest. 
The video on there now attempts to capture Michael ringing a young bird.
I am still waiting to catch Richard with his camera. (rather than pics taken on my phone) to upgrade the Photo Gallery. I have added a couple of teasers to the new bird section. just a taste of what's to come.

On behalf of Richard and Michael I would like to thank you all again for your emails and comments about this website. It means a great deal to me too. The whole aim was to set up a site that would help others and promote the Fancy (I have been informed the word is) I didn't think Sport/Hobby was the right one.

All the best for 2012