As I am writing this blog, Richard and Michael are doing another marathon stint in the Aviary trying to prepare the show birds for the Club Show. This heat wave we are now experiencing is playing havoc with their plans and just adds weight to their preference for having the show put back to November when their birds will have gone through the moult naturally and be in peak condition. Trying to keep an even temperature (around 15C ) is difficult when the ambient temp outside is touching 30C. 
As many of you will know, and beginners will learn, a bird can dive into a moult in a matter of hours, which is a disaster if you're showing that bird in a couple of days. 
Nice clean bird one day and full of burst blood quills the next may sound familiar. 
Richard and Michael have been preparing these birds over 12 weeks to a strict regime that I am hoping to share with you all at some point.  
So far both Richard and Michael are remarkably relaxed about the birds. It's usually about now that they start to worry about which birds will be show fit and which will drop to bits (thats a printable term I use to describe the birds condition as opposed to the swear words Richard and Michael may use as the show draws closer!).

Can I just use this Blog to wish all of you showing this weekend the very best of luck. Knowing the hard work that goes into getting your birds fit to show, you all deserve some form of recognition. I hope you and your birds do well.