With just a few short weeks until the BS World Show, I am now realising just what a task I have undertaken with building a website for Richard and Michael. It is certainly a lot more time consuming than I first thought.

Although I am enjoying the learning experience, I had hoped to be a lot further on than I am right now. I have spent considerable time trying to set up a lightbox gallery but so far it is proving to be beyond my understanding so the re-direct to a gallery and slide show site will have to do for now. I do fully intend to improve that system in the future.
I have also spent too much time trying to get the right format for a guest book but am happy enough for now with the version we are using. Please feel free to use it and let us know what you think about this site or let us have any questions you would like us to try to deal with.
In line with Richards theory that there needs to be more disclosure (instead of closed doors and secrets) for the hobby to rejuvenate, we are happy to answer your questions.
I had hoped to have a page up with our full feeding regime (in pictures) and will have by the time we fully publish this website. 
Another of my plans for this Blog page, is to bring you a virtual series of events in 3 breeding cages. and because my true love is Motorcycle Racing, I have chosen to bring you the events from boxes 46 - 27 - 11 (Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Ben Spies - (race numbers)- respectively). 
At the time of writing,  boxes 27 and 11 are empty and Box 46 has a pair of birds that are being prepared for Doncaster. Just being given that little bit extra TLC and being watched very carefully. There is far too much going on in the aviary at anyone time for me to cover all of it so these 3 boxes should at least give some insight as to what goes on.
Please be patient, I will get the website completed very soon.