It seems a lot of these blogs are about time. The Club Show is over and the results are in (ours can be found in features section).
Firstly, I must thank you all for the emails, phone calls and text messages we have been inundated with today. The team did very well and if lady luck had been on our side, maybe we could have gone even further - that's budgerigars for you!

It's time to move on and prepare for next year where we hope to put out an even more successful show team and maybe even repeat the 2006 win : )


Congratulations to:  
Best In Show/Best AA In Show - Sky Blue Cock (5-18) - Les Martin
Best YB In Show - Spangle Light Green Hen (41-4) - Geoff & Ann Moore
Best O/S AA In Show - Spangle Light Green Cock (140-11) - Geoff Bowley
Best O/S YB In Show - 
Dark Green Hen (504-1) - Gary Ludlow

It's been a quiet day today, settling the birds back into the aviary, cleaning the show cages and trying to get things back to normal.
I have added a few more pages/links to the site and think it's just about getting there. Just a few more tweeks and then hopefully just the ongoing updates to keep posting.
I hope you all had a good time at the show and either got the results you were looking for or learned how to get to where you need to be next year. Personally, we are taking a lot of positives from this show, and will be working hard to improve the stud for another year.