You may have noticed in the medication section (another section that will be updated as and when we use something throughout the year) we are trying out a new wormer. Its always a worry when you try a new product. Unfortunately this always results in test subjects. this usually falls on the surplus stock. (which is a very good reason to keep some.)
As I mentioned in the medication section, our normal wormer Moxidectin has been brought under new restrictions and is awaiting test results which could take years. Our research via the internet and talking with our local veterinary brought us to the Cydectin 1% injectable for sheep. we opted for the injectable rather than the oral because of its solubility in water. With a guideline dosage of 1ml per litre. 
We were also told the taste is unpalatable to the birds and should try flavouring the water. after considering apple juice and carrot juice (both flavours the birds are used to from the soft food mixture) we decided on Barley water, (Lemon and Barley) 
A few birds were selected as test subjects, placed in the young flight and we mixed up enough for those drinkers on that flight. 
I have to say I'm surprised at how well they took the medication. They have had the drinkers on for 4 days and were put back on to clear water today. so far we have seen no side effects, The drinkers have been well used and replaced daily.
We will give these birds a couple of days now and then do the whole aviary (breeding pairs included) with the same solution.