A quick Apology for the loss of video on the site over the last couple of days.
A minor hiccup with my Google account. 
I think I have it sorted and the site seems to be running correctly now.

As an update 
We now have the Aviary fully operational again and have paired up the first round of birds yesterday (Sun 22/09/2013)
I should have posted after the full clean up we have recently done.
All the nest boxes have been dipped with an insecticide solution (something we always do as a precaution) 
then allowed to dry fully before adding the Red mite powder and sawdust.
We have also just done the routine dosing of Mega Bac - S for the full stock of birds ( A Ten day program)
as well as the spot on worming treatment. 

The birds are fully fit, well rested and ready for the breeding season.

So It Begins !