Its been a while since my last update. Mainly due to my other duties cleaning poultry sheds. 
During this time Richard and Michael are left to cope on their own. 
Things have changed drastically in my absence. 
To start with Michael has changed the layout of the Aviary. Cupboards have be removed and changed, a flight has gone missing Cages have been moved. and that's just the beginning. 
He is re modelling the second half of the Aviary.

The timing of these changes is mainly due to a Timing error with the fertility of the Cocks. 
It would appear that we have missed the window of opportunity. 
By that I mean if we had paired up all the birds at once. instead of having to wait for the cages occupied by the show birds. we would have caught things just right. All the birds paired up before the show have produced fertile eggs. whereas all the birds paired up after the show are producing infertile eggs. 
We think we have missed the window by 1 week. 
As a result of this, we have taken down almost half the breeding pairs to rest the hens. 
So, due to this unforeseen circumstance we are now doing the alterations scheduled for next year a bit sooner.

This has also played a part in my random selections. 
Box 46 was a changed pair and isn't doing anything. Box 11 has had their eggs fostered out to box 62 (one of the original foster parent boxes)  Box 27 has produced 4 chicks and has 1 fostered out to box 3 (to ease the burden on new parents).

I will try to keep things updated as they happen.