laid her first egg 4/10/11 And a second  6/10/11 Third egg laid 8/10/11 forth egg laid 9/10/11 fifth 11/10/11 sixth 14/1011 and a seventh 15/10/11

Today 17/10/11

To ease the burden on the hen. 2 eggs were removed and placed in Box 19

Thats now 3 eggs to box 19 (laid 8th on 18/10/11)

 First chick hatched 23/10/11

sorry for dark picture, taken without flash.

 Chick is well fed and comfortable  24/10/11

I  Seem to be missing an egg, can only assume hen has thrown it out of the nestbox, and I have missed the bits of shell when cleaning the cage. 

As you can see, 3 chicks are doing well. 

4th chick moved to box 3

 I Have to apologise here - 

The chicks have actually grown and are in the young stage flight doing well. There is another pair in the box now. 

I will try and be more vigilant with their progress.