Laid her first egg 30/9/11 and a second 4/10/11 

First egg filling 7/10/11 Third egg laid 9/10/11

Date 17/10/11

After thinking the hen was egg bound and subjecting her to a little steam treatment 

Then realising she wasn't. The hen left the eggs and refused to return to the nest box. Rather than subject her to any more stress she was returned to the flight and allowed to rest and recuperate.   The 3 eggs were moved to box 24.

I think it worth pointing out that since increasing the linseed and adding cod liver oil to the diet, we haven't had an egg bound hen for quite a few years now.

Box 46 now has a new pair

Normal Grey Cock & Cinnamon Green Hen

Looks like we have missed the window, Now need to wait a while.

Date  18/12/11

At the moment the pair are shut out of the nestbox.