Date 27/09.2011

I have finally got around to starting the ongoing updates on the lives of boxes 11,27 and 46 as mentioned on the Blog page.

All 3 boxes are now occupied with what I think are going to be the first round pairings. I don't have the ring numbers for the birds or their ages yet. 

But will post  those in due course.  

Here are the cage numbers and colours of the birds:

Box 11 - Cobalt Cock & Dark Green Hen

Box 27 - Normal Grey Cock & Sky Blue Hen

Box 46 - Normal Grey Cock & Sky Blue Hen

As stated on the Blog page, these boxes are completely random, selected by me following numbers that are relevant to me and my Motorcycle racing addiction.  Not  hand picked by Richard or Michael.

There is nothing different about these birds and they are treat in exactly the same way as all the other pairings. All breeding pairs are selected with one goal in mind: to breed another Club Show winner!

Click on an image for updates on that box