Replacing the breeding cages 

 We started with the Cage fronts (Made by Basil Thomas )

 Aluminium frame work (cut and supplied by Robbie Young)

 EX-Cel 10mm white foam board 

(Cut to length and supplied by Amari Plastics - Newcastle)

Templates were cut to ensure all the cages were the same size 

the idea being everything would be interchangeable 

Using a couple of blank frames allowed us to work out the correct length and allow for the cage dividers 

This gave us the right sizes for a 3 cage box.  

We made up 16 of these, giving us 48 cages

Thin cuts of the plastic and Wardrobe rail hangers were then fitted.

The Rail hangers for the perches, and the strips as divider guides. 

Frames were made up and the cage fronts screwed together. You may notice the cage door is set up over another rail.

This is to allow a second rail to be fitted as a seed rail, to help with keeping the aviary clean 

 These are the seed rails. Plastic ends are fitted to prevent hiding places for mite.

The plastic ends were that tight they had to be trimmed with a Stanley knife before they would fit.

Cage fronts were then fitted into the frames 

Seed rails were then fitted. 

(The cage is upside down for ease of fitting)

The finished Cages. 

New Breeding boxes were made to fit the new cages. 

The new ones are slightly deeper than the old ones. 

Same design as the old ones - 10mm Marine ply with plastic base to the outer shell 

(we drilled 3 large holes in the base plastic for ventalation)

The box was set against the cage front to measure the correct place for the entry hole Allowing for a perch too. 

Fixing hole drilled for a bolt fastner in the top rail and Handles fitted to the inner box. 

Tested for fitting, the box sits on the seed rail to help take the weight.  

Rather than hanging on hooks like the old ones did.

Each box is then numbered to ensure the records are kept correctly. 

Then it was just a case of fitting it all into the Aviary 


I have had to add this little bit due to the amount of enquieries 

(also apologize for the wrong Centimetre measurements)

Sizes are in Millimetres 

Cage fronts -

Width - 580mm

height - 385mm


Width - 190mm

height -200mm

Box size (3 cages)

length -1870mm

height- 425mm

depth - 405mm

Nestbox (outside dimensions)

 width - 190mm

height - 230mm

depth - 205mm

nestbox (inside dimensions)

width - 170mm

height - 210mm

depth - 205mm