Nest Box Design 

This is the design of nest box that we have used for many years now 

We use a box within a box design, which is made from 10mm Marine plywood with a UPVC base on the outside shell to aid the sliding of the inner box

 We do not use concaves within the nest box but do put a wooden platform in the first part of the box in order to assist the hens to make a nesting area to the rear of the box

 Before we add the sawdust to each box, Red Mite powder is applied to the inside of the nest box. This process is repeated every time the nest is cleaned during the season

We use a simple card system for keeping track of what is happening inside the boxes. 

Here is an example from Box 51

Box number - Date each egg laid - Chick hatched

The stars: Blue = Laid, Red = Fertile and Green = Chick Fed 

And this is what is inside!