Basic Requirements 

Some of these will seem obvious but can be overlooked when first starting. The most obvious of all being an Aviary.  

These can vary greatly in size and layout. you can see by our own Aviary the way things have changed just in the last year or so.

But the basics remain the same, Minimum requirement is a shed with a flight, breeding cage(s) and room to work.

Recommendations here, would be to make the floors of the cages and flights as easy to clean as possible. there will be a lot of dust ,feather and seed husk even from just a small few birds.

Also check for escape routes 

(you may be surprised at how good birds are at finding ways out of cages)

Ventilation is another basic requirement that needs a little bit of thinking about. years ago we had an outside flight. All our flights are inside now and we have a lot less problems than we did with the birds when they were outside. Its worth thinking about how you ventilate the aviary during both winter and summer months.

Our Bird room has evolved over the years as per our own requirements. It is not the basic standard needed to start breeding exhibition Budgerigars


Natural daylight isn't always an option, you can't breed birds in a green house. because of the proximity to road traffic, our birds are never left in the dark. (headlights shining through the windows at night spook the birds)

Our solution was emergency lighting, low wattage lights that work on timers and also have battery backup in case of power cuts. These are also backed up by a large generator operated on a cut off switch. 


Make sure you have all the essentials. Feeding trays, Drinkers, grit trays, perches and any other dishes you may need for soft feeding or different supplements. 

If you have read any of the Blogs on the Blog page you will also know that another basic requirement is TIME (you will need lots of it)