Having the number of birds that we normally keep during the course of a year, we need to carefully manage the quantity of seed. And of course the seed mixture. Following years of trying different brands and mixtures, we now have a blend that works well for our birds. The formula varies slightly at different times of year but the basic ingredients remain the same. (it's just the volumes of each type of seed that may differ slightly). All these ingredients are mixed up in a cement mixer purposely bought to do the job (after Richard's granddad took pity on him and Michael mixing the seed by hand!).


Basic Blend: 

Johnston & Jeff - Plain Canary seed                             x 2

Johnston & Jeff - American White Millet                      x 2

(Johnston & Jeff - Mixed Millets when the white is unavailable)

Johnston & Jeff - Champions Choice                             x 4

Johnston & Jeff - Cockatiel & big Parakeet                   x 2

Groats                                                                         x 1