Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Exhibiting budgerigars is one of the highlights of our wonderful hobby. However, in order to do you and your birds justice, the show preparation routine you adopt must allow budgerigars to be benched in the best possible condition. There are obviously a few trade secrets, but here are some key methods that we use year after year.     

Preparation schedule used for 2011 BS World

Championship Show 

This is the schedule that was used to prepare our birds for the Club Show this year. Starting from the week beginning 3rd September 2011

After the birds have been put into stock cages in pairs

2/9/11    Body wash and spray

8/9/11    Body wash and spray

9/9/11    Tails checked (for Chewing)

12/9/11   Body Wash and spray

14/9/11   Body wash and spray

16/9/11   Body wash and spray

18/9/11   Head wash

19/9/11   Tails checked

20/9/11   Body wash

22/9/11   Head wash

23/9/11   Body wash

24/9/11   Head wash

25/9/11   Body wash

26/9/11   Head rub (Rub out pen feathers) and Head wash

27/9/11   Head wash, Body wash and Tails dipped (into warm water)

28/9/11   De-Spot and rinse with (top secret)

29/9/11   (top secret)

30/9/11   Final rinse with (top secret), dip tail and check for shadow spots

Place birds in show cages and off they go!