Because we can no long purchase Biovit as a base ingredient

We mix our own base Mix first

5kg Biscuit cereal

10kg Supablend

10kg Deli Nature (dry)

1 bag Super fast oats

2 litre jug Niger seed.

Whilst it is widely accepted that Soft Food is an essential part of budgerigars diet during the breeding season, we find that our mixture is beneficial for our birds all year round. The ingredients are set out below.


This is a formula made to suit the particular needs and requirements of our birds. We use different measures for different ingredients. Using  the wrong proportions could be a threat to the health of your birds. 

Here are some examples of the different measures we use: 

the gramme spoon used for Ferti-vit, the bigger blue spoon used for the Herbs and the larger spoon used for the Nutri-bird.  


Then we add the rest of the ingredients and mix up in a bucket 

And to the question - Do the birds like it  ?

An example of how much we use